Recovering perfectionist encouraged to blog so I no longer over-think and try to produce the best-written items in the world. Just trying to write, even if it’s not perfect. It will help me along my journey and might help another person too.

This is blog is a forum for me to explore my creativity and to face my fears of perfectionism.

I love the arts, culture, beauty, nature, science, and a good discussion. I am a renaissance woman, in spirit, in that I have varied interests and am decently good at all of them. I am channelling my inner Da Vinci, who happens to be 1/2 of my favourite artists. For me, Da Vinci represents ALL of my loves and passions – He did it all. I have a child-like wonder and am always trying to learn new things. The only part of me suppressed was the creative artist, so here I am. The other artist I love is Dali, because he is quirky and included a variety of elements to his art. I love that both artists combined science, latest technologies and theories, philosophies, culture, and the spirit of the times to express themselves and create.

I will be trying out this blog to continue my journey, create, and share my interests and creations anonymously. I’m a recovering perfectionist, so I am still not comfortable with failure…this is a learning and freeing journey. Who knows how this blog will evolve?

My set feature image is of one of my wall art purchases “Keep Calm and Sparkle” – I saw this at the store and loved it. It represented me and my vision – This was the start of me trying to add creativity back into my life, I was just too scared until now.

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