Adventures of the Corporate Nursery

It was suggested by many people in my life, including my therapist, that I try my hand at having a blog. Apparently, I am funny and can talk about my adventures in a way people can relate to. Though I am not sure if people can relate to my stories given that those encouraging me are primarily my friends – They clearly ‘get me’ and love me no matter what. However, today, of all days I feel the need to share some stories about what many may face daily at work – Adventures of the Corporate world.

I have placed “nursery” in the title instead of world, because I often think I have dealt with children in a nursery. I have worked as a project manager and one of the things we are supposed to guide people against is babysitting – it is hard when managers are the ones who need babysitting. I am a nurturing lady, but can tolerate only so much. Maybe my many corporate stories can help me get through to the next stage of my career as I try to actually achieve my dreams, maybe it can help others, who knows?

First, the stories I am beginning with are from when I worked at a “third-party contract facility”. I will add a few more stories, more in disguise, as I get into other weird instances. I wrote this a few years ago, but was too afraid to publish…my perfectionism. This year (2017), I really do not care and will just go for it – publish with warts and all.

The first series of stories is from the “third-party contact facility” – We were the grunts that were hired to conduct testing of various kinds in the pharma/biotech/engineering world. I was supposed to (and signed on for) be in a project management role (previous experience in Pharma – don’t hate me; it’s all I knew in terms of industry. From the laboratory to project management to returning to university to back into pharma and then in/out biotech/pharma, hopefully somewhere less evil in the future… I dulled down my boring summary).

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