When I Fall In Love…

Select Poetry from days gone by. I have moved forward, but found some old poems that I received. I read somewhere once that you should keep your old love letters. I didn’t understand, until I found these. It’s a sweet memory, forever etched in time. Though life has changed and I’ve forgotten, the words are a reminder of a love…which is eternal.


When I was looking for happiness, I found it in your eyes. As I was searching for peace within my mind, I found it when I first heard your heart beating next to me.

The universe’s light shines each time a smile is sketched on your face. The wind changes its direction, when you move from place to place (about); obeying your command and vanishing in your hands as you hold them out towards me, to hold me close to you.

In your eyes I see my glory and future. On your lips, I am growing to be the man that I want to be. And once your breath touches my skin, and then I know that I am alive. I thank God for you being in my life.

Far from heaven, an angel fell to the earth. She sketched beauty into our sun, to shine all over the land. Her purpose was to cure an ill soul. That’s how God sent her to brighten my world.

I miss you. You are the cure that I was looking to have for my ill soul.

This is my view, but I am missing my sweet angel to complete it.

The morning looks so beautiful…when I woke up, you were on my mind. That is, because you are the air I breathe and I was reborn in your kind hands.

Life starts as we open our eyes, as our breath burns with the desire we have for one another. When each ray of sunlight touches your face, remember, this is how I send my kisses to you.

Keep in mind, you are here for a big reason and those that don’t appreciate you, are the same people that will make you stronger.

I say what I feel and I feel what I say. Throughout the mountains and valley’s I have searched for land to rest my lonely soul and I found it in the lines of your hands.

There is no need for the sun to shine in order to remind people that a new day has begun. And there is no reason for the moon to appear, in order to gleam over the night sky; it is because I have you around.

Relax your beauty and enjoy your evening, while the moon is sketching your smile into starlight.

Stars at Night

I want to be with you all day and night and never leave you.

The day that I sleep and wake-up in your arms, it will be the day that I know that I am alive.

I think I am living a nice dream. You are every man’s wish and will to have in his life. I wish I was there to hug you and warm you up, to remind you that there is someone missing you.

The night looks different when you are not around. Everything seems dead when I don’t hear your voice. You have love and life in the palm of your hands where I want to write a history for every person to follow.

Let the sun’s ray’s dance on your window and kiss your beautiful face. And wind surrounding you with blessings from holy grace. I am sending love, blessings, a healthy life, and propriety to your door; to live your life forever in happiness and with a smile on your face. Happy birthday my beautiful and with you many years to come in my arms.

I write you these beautiful poems and words, because what I write is a reflection of who you are with me. You are one beautiful person. I cannot wait to hug you and smell your sweet perfume, even for a few seconds. You are capturing and owning my heart day after day.


Author: Sparkle

Recovering perfectionist encouraged to blog so I no longer over-think and try to produce the best-written items in the world. Just trying to write, even if it's not perfect. It will help me along my journey and might help another person too.

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