Soul Speaking…

Why can others “fake it” and just go on with what society and those indoctrinating us with the norms tells us to do. Why can they just do it? Are they even faking it or am I just different?

Play on, follow, show, perform duties, follow the “rules” or follow the order of how life is supposed to go, just follow a pattern, a set “guideline”…why not me? I have tried, many times. I have tried to follow the “protocol”. Failed each time. Why? I sit, contemplate, reflect, plan, and try again…repeat cycle. This useless cycle needs to end, how?

It’s my soul, I felt it today. I felt my soul telling me. My inner self. My soul. My nature. My God, I just realised. My soul has a need. My soul is speaking to me now. My soul is ringing and shining bright through the pain. My soul is telling me what it needs – what my soul needs for spiritual fulfilment. My soul has a unique need. We all have a unique need.

I will not progress – in any way – including spiritually, if my soul is left unfulfilled. Once fulfilled, my nature will lead me. Lead me to what I need and my purpose.

My soul will need a certain amount to move forward. As I move forward, towards my purpose. My purpose is my inner desire. Just breathe and listen. Give back, learn, teach, heal, create, love -> My part in this creation to progress. Then, help those that will need it most, including me.

Our soul craves the spiritual fulfilment that we need. We all figure it out in our own unique way. Not everyone is faking it, that is an illusion. If we do not fulfil our spiritual needs, whatever our individual needs are, we get sad…frustrated…and for some. thrown into chaos. In chaos, where nothing we do seems  to work or stick and that causes pain. Maybe the time is not right, a lesson on patience. Maybe that is not our path, another lesson. Through it all, when it is not working, there is pain. In pain, we listen to our soul when it becomes overwhelming. We cross the threshold to enter a new life.

In this world, we are in it together. Connected. We are here together. We all have our own connected soul and need. Listen to your soul when it is speaking…


Author: Sparkle

Recovering perfectionist encouraged to blog so I no longer over-think and try to produce the best-written items in the world. Just trying to write, even if it's not perfect. It will help me along my journey and might help another person too.

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